Visions of The Future

Make-Create are celebrating World Create Day by encouraging everyone to put their heads together to solve the challenges posed by the Hackaday Prize with their Visions of The Future.

We'll put together a team to take on the challenges posed, and plan out how we'll collaborate to bring home the prizes for Make-Create.

The Hackaday Prize runs for the next 6 months over 5 rounds, with an overarching Best Product challenge. Each round is judged independently.

Round 1. Design your concept (Due 1st May)

Present a problem and pitch an answer that will change the world.
Showcase your hacks, logs, drawings, and diagrams.

Round 2. Internet of Useful Things (Due June 12th)

The Internet of Useful Things should showcase a way to build a better tomorrow.
Make for the greater good of your home, your city, your nation.

Round 3. Projects that MOVE (Due July 24th)
Build something that moves. Movement and support for things that help move humanity forward are the objectives of this round.

Round 4. Assistive Technologies (Due Sept 4th)
Assistive technology projects ensure a better quality of life for the disabled. Contribute a product, equipment or system which enhance learning, working, and daily living.

Round 5. Anything Goes (Due Oct 16th)
No reservation, no theme, no topic. This is your chance to build on your idea that resonates with you and encompasses the spirit of making. Build whatever you think would benefit humans and the world we live in.

See the Hackaday Prize page for full details, and make sure you RSVP on the Make-Create Meetup event.