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We're going to be talking about all things magnets

Friday, April 21, 2017 12:00 pm PDT - Friday, April 21, 2017 12:30 pm PDT Local time zone:
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Come talk with Jeremy Chan - Prototype Engineer at Nano Magnetics Ltd.

@Jeremy is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and full time tinkerer by choice. He specializes in mechatronics, rapid prototyping and magnets. He currently leads the prototyping efforts of in-house projects like the Nanoport . In his spare time, Jeremy hacks together his own projects, including custom headphones, mechanical pens and wallets. He’s also an avid autocrosser.

When used elegantly, magnets create an enchanting user experience. You can see this in everyday products like the Microsoft Surface keyboard, the Macbook MagSafe,the Nano Magenetics Nanoport and the many projects on Hackaday. Despite the benefits, magnets aren’t always that easy to use.

Bring your questions and projects about all things magnetics to this week's Hack Chat!

Topics Include:

  • Interfacing with magnets - various magnetic sensing mechanisms
  • Magnet grades
  • Types of magnets
  • Magnetic phenomena
  • Magnet Magnetization

We're meeting in the #Hack Chat on April 21st, noon PDT.

Here's the list for discussion and questions, add yours to the sheet!

  • Magnetization Invasion Hack Chat Transcipt

    Shulie Tornel04/21/2017 at 19:20 0 comments

    Questions Doc:

    Jeremy So I'm a mechanical engineer by day, and tinkerer by night. Currently leading prototype efforts on the mechanical side at Nanomagnetics. Free time currently is being taken up by autocross, but I have a few side projects I've been kicking around to pick up when I have the time as well!

    Shulie Tornel What kind of side projects?

    Jeremy So the last major project I was working on was making my own headphones.

    Mike Szczys Cool, did you design your own magnetics for that?

    Jeremy Unfortunately no, mostly it was more of a mechanical side project, but I did liberate a pretty sweet planar magnetic driver from the T50RP's as a base for it

    Anil Pattni Excited to learn about more usecases for magnets

    Lutetium hi Anil!

    Jeremy @Anil Pattni ask away!

    Shulie TornelWe have a question here on the doc: Researching about magnetic waves, not sure if you know about the magspoof device from Samy Kamkar. A device which implements a coil to transmit magnetic waves using certain format to be interpreted in the card reader, my question is do you know another way to generate that kind of waves but with using something different than a coil?

    Radomir Dopieralski aren't those called "electro-magnetic waves" and usually generated with an antenna?

    davedarko nopes, not there - it's a huge coil on an attiny, if I'm not mistaken

    davedarkoit's to fake magnetic card swipes

    Pierce NicholsYeah, but I think @Shulie Tornel is implying that it's all near-field.

    Jeremy I haven't taken a look at this magspoof device before, but off the top of my head, if you want to generate a strong magnetic field you'll want to run it through a coil

    Anil Pattni Hi @Lutetium@Jeremy are you using magnets for any of your projects?

    davedarko magnets on a disc - spin the disc infront of the reader

    Lutetiumhow are the curved magnets made?

    Lutetiumand when they are sold in pairs, do they have exactly the same amount of magnetism?

    Jeremy @Anil Pattni Currently working on a magnetic connector, it's designed to do USB 2 between devices

    Jeremy as for how magnets are made, they're typically sintered in the rough shape you'd want

    Anil Pattni Nice, If I placed magnets at specific intervals on two discs placed on an axle and applied a small current, would they continue to rotate on their own?

    Jeremy as far as strength, if you could control the process so that the magnets were precisely the same size and had the same compositon yes, they would but due to manufacturing tolerances they will differ slightly. But for the majority of cases you can treat two magnets with the same size as having the same amount of magnetism

    Jeremy @Anil Pattni Yes and no, what you'd want to do is apply a current to attract/repel the next magnet. and then turn it off. This is ends up being the basis of a DC motor. You can actually experiment with a magnet, some magnet wire, and a battery to make a rudimentary motor this way

    Anil Pattni @jeremy That's so cool, I like the apple magnetic connector and that their available for microusb too smartphones, I'd really like the practically of them for phones because we're always connecting / disconnecting

    Soumen Nandy @Anil Pattni Re: your axle question. I'm not sure what you are describing, but have you looked into homopolar motors? Plenty of videos on Youtube. Takes about a minute to prototype a demo with materials you already have on hand

    Lutetium re: the curved magnet, does the amont of magnetism (what is that called ayway?) change due to the shape? or just the volume

    Jeremy @Anil Pattni That being said you'll want to run the current through a coil to generate a large enough magnetic field to have an effect on the magnets to continue their motion

    Jordan Bunker re: the USB 2 magnetic connector, do the magnets affect data transmission at all? would connecting/disconnecting cause noise?

    Anil Pattni @Jeremy so if we use the face of a clock to describe positions, would magnets be at 1,3,5,7,9,11 on one...

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