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Badgelife is all the groups making unofficial conference badges for DEF CON. Reports say up to 5000 badges will be made! Epic!

Friday, July 14, 2017 12:00 pm PDT - Friday, July 14, 2017 12:30 pm PDT Local time zone:
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Whitney Merrill, Karl Koscher, bitsr3m, and Hyr0n will be hosting the Hack Chat.

Hack Chats are (almost) always on Fridays at noon PDT.

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@Whitney Merrill is a hacker, ex-fed, and lawyer. She's currently a privacy attorney at Electronic Arts (EA), and in her spare time, she runs the Crypto & Privacy Village. Her jump into badgelife started three years ago with the first Crypto & Privacy Village badge, which also played a role in the puzzle she designed. She runs the Badgelife Slack group and has nightmares that this year's badges will get stuck in customs.

@Karl Koscher is a research scientist at the University of Washington where he specializes in embedded systems security. In his spare time, he likes to dabble in RF and electronics. He is one of the co-organizers of the Crypto and Privacy Village.

@Hyr0n, a recent badge hacker pr0spect to AND!XOR, is a mathematician and computer scientist turning hardware. He has a BS is Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, MS in Systems Engineering, and is a currently a PhD Student of Systems Engineering with a focus in Cybersecurity. Starting early on by building his first 386 DX66 with the awesome power of the turbo button and additional math coprocessor, he proceeded into C++ & Assembly projects before moving on in life to Java and other interpreted languages. Now a security researcher coming full circle to working with embedded electronics and firmware programming with AND!XOR puzzles, games, <REDACTED>, and bling.

@bitstr3m is a security researcher who works in the areas of hardware and software reverse engineering and safety assurance analysis. He is a veteran, an engineer, and a hacker who likes to challenge himself to learn things out of his comfort zone. In his spare time (once the kids are down to bed) he is 1/5 of AND!XOR working nights and weekends throughout the year to bring a feature packed badge to the peoples of DEF CON.

In this chat, we'll be talking about badgelife and what it means. We'll talk about what goes into design and fab for custom, bespoke badges, how badgelife has grown, and what indie badges have become at DEF CON. We might even share hints on what we'll see with this year's unofficial badges.

Badgelife is a big part of the environment at DEF CON, which is coming up on July 27th. DEF CON is a hacker convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The convention has multiple speaker tracks about computer and hacking-related subjects, social events, and contests.

There are dozens of badges from Darknet, Crypto and Privacy village, the Bender Badge from AND!XOR.

TL;DR :: we'll be discussing:

  • Design of conference badges
  • Fabrication of conference badges
  • Selling of conference badges

Here's the sheet to guide the discussion.

Image from Whitney Merrill's puzzle with Crypto & Privacy Village

  • Badgelife HackChat Transcript Pt.2

    Shulie Tornel07/14/2017 at 20:05 0 comments

    charliexpick and place definitely helps, we're looking to upgrade our mini one and then get a better over, the chinese ones are getting super cheap now

    The Toymakers (tymkrs)That'd be pretty cool @true

    charliex @Todd cool i'll pm you addy

    Hyr0n shoot its already 1245

    bitstr3m @charliex just started woking on the 2011 layer one badge

    true Karl, that's the dream and goal. delayed with the issues this year and it takes money, but hopefully it'll be there sooner rather than later.

    alusion What do you guys think of repurposing hardware like the zsun ( rather than getting pcb from somewhere?

    Hyr0n have to get back to non-badge job (the one that actually pays me)

    charliex @bitstr3m heh

    Lutetium thanks for joining us @Hyr0n !

    Karl Koscher It takes about 3 hours to build our badge by hand with a regular iron...

    true alusion, it depends on your goal for a badge. a badge just for the sake of one is meh. but if it's to learn, or show off something neat, go for it

    charliex @Karl Koscher whats the part count

    Sujith Anandan openpnp?

    true I'll bring a spare zsun to hack on and test your firmware :)

    Todd yikes, 3hrs by hand!

    Karl Koscher @charliex: I think it's about 128

    charliexlots of thru hole?

    alusion my badge idea is based off piratebox / usb dead drops but with mixed reality flair

    Karl Koscher no, almost exclusively surface mount. but I don't have a hot air station :|

    charliex hot plate :)

    alusion zsun is half the size of raspberry pi 0, me likey

    Sujith Anandan how to protect the badge from short circuit?, i mean accidental contact with metal objects like pen

    alusion I want to create a key or spike shape casing

    Todd hot air stations can be really cheap

    trueif anyone needs to do badge repairs or work at defcon, WP will have tools (irons, hot air, reflow, through-hole desoldering, microscope, oscilloscope, PSU, DSA, etc) in our room.

    Karl Koscher excellent!

    Hyr0n or HHV

    gateherder I agree with @true -- badge creation is more like art ... creating for the enjoyment of creating, and for watching others enjoy using/hacking/etc them ... IMO ... copying another design might be faster, but looses a lot of the core of #badgelife ...

    Clay Thank you, to all of the people who make badges, and #badgelife possible. You rock my socks!

    Whitney Merrill @Karl Koscher should we drop the video?

    Karl Koscher sure, why not

    bitstr3m @alusion depends on whether you want to to integration or design

    true Hyr0n, HHV is packed, we have booze :) but yes HHV is good too

    alusion I don't have much access to fab equipment, my local hackerspace hasnt finished moving to new place yet D:

    Jorge Lacoste @Sujith Anandan it's really not that difficult, as long as the pen doesn't complete the circuit. for some ciritical designs we used pieces of tape to cover the battery

    charliex i make badges because joe grand is such a nice guy, he told me one day i'd gt tired of it too though

    alusion would love for badge meetup at nullspace or design lab tho

    charliex well nullspace would have to come out of storage first ;)

    Benchoff Well we got another question for the badgelife crew: "good Q to answer here: "I heard that a bunch of badges are being created this year because 1057's badge got cancelled.. is that true?""

    Karl Koscher so mainly for the lulz, I synced the LEDs on one of our prototype badges to some music over wifi: Merrill says:12:49 P

    @Benchoff NO

    Whitney Merril defcinitely not

    bitstr3m nullspace should come out of storage

    Jorge Lacoste @Benchoff FAKE NEWS

    true I don't think groups care about making a badge because someone else isn't making a badge.

    Whitney Merrill yah-- design was started long before the DEFCON announcement

    charliex only when it finds new gigs, in the meantime nullspace north still exists

    Karl Koscher DEF CON announced badge issues mid-june. That isn't enough time to make badges in any real quantity

    Hyr0n Next day

    alusion @Karl Koscher AWESOME!!

    The Toymakers (tymkrs) Seconded what Karl Koscher says


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  • Badgelife HackChat Transcript

    Shulie Tornel07/14/2017 at 20:03 0 comments

    Whitney Merrill Hi! I'm Whitney I founded the Crypto & Privacy Village. I somehow stumbled into #badgelife.

    bitstr3m bitsr3m here, 1/5 of AND!XOR

    Hyr0n Hi! I am Hyr0n, 1/5 Whiskey 1/5 AND!XOR, I enjoy long walks on the beach

    Lutetium lol

    Whitney Merrill I think we are missing @supersat but she should be joining shortly

    bitstr3m AND!XOR is basically like Voltron

    jculberts he*

    bitstr3m hah

    Hyr0n Wait Karl is...?

    Whitney Merrill Sorry he*

    MrRobotBadge I'm MrRobotBadge. I was conceived backstage at a 38 Special concert and my life only got more awesome from there. For this year's def con I'm doing this:

    hackb0t how did #Badgelife get started?

    true just made a badge

    Hyr0n Jokes in chat

    Mike Szczys Welcome @true! Did you introduce yourself yet?

    Whitney Merrill Ha that's funny.. I think its been going on for years. But @duplico invented the term. I reached out to folks on twitter to get everyone in one room to talk about the trials and tribulations

    true should I? hi I am true, I made the WP skull badges for DC22 and DC23, and the skeleton key DC24.

    Whitney Merrill Duplico is one of the main queercon badge makers

    Mike Szczys @true love those badges, great to see you here!

    Benchoff The queercon badge is *always* top notch.

    Whitney Merrill Yah- i'm guessing it will be this year too- We still havent seen it

    Whitney Merrill its a ongoing joke how well they keep their badge secret

    bitstr3m Queercon is always super secret squirrel

    The Toymakers (tymkrs) We love the WP badges, esp the key - super elegant design

    Andrew Hey everyone, 1/5 of AND!XOR. I'm a janitor at a school, I enjoy solving math problems in hallways, always getting in trouble.

    hackb0t @andrew do you like apples?

    Whitney Merrill Once @supersat arrives we can drop our big reveal of the Crypto & Privacy Village badge-- which IS HAPPENING. It wasn't maybe not happening a week ago. I feel ilke i havent slept properly in about a week

    bitstr3m Andrew just busted in like the Kool Aid man

    Whitney Merrill

    Are there specific questions people have?

    Sophi Kravitz welcome @Karl Koscher !

    Andrew @hackb0t a good crisp gala apple is delightful on a sunny day

    Whitney Merrill HALLO @Karl Koscher

    Karl Koscher Thanks! Sorry for the delay.

    Sophi Kravitz we have questions:

    Benchoff Hackb0t wants to know, "What about zoidberg"

    Hyr0n @bitstr3m has a reveal too, but well wait for when this chat thingy agenda presents itself

    bitstr3m yeah @Sophi Kravitz did you want us to just start picking from the google spreadsheet

    Sophi Kravitz yes please ~Sophi

    Hyr0n Zoidberg is dead to me

    Hyr0n @gateherder says "So for the benefit of others, can you describe #badgelife? Is it a single group of people? If not, .... what is it?"

    MrRobotBadge I'm going to say it again, someone really screwed up not doing a hedonism bot badge.

    bitstr3m Q: What about Zoidberg? A: Because bender. Over to Crypto.... Why not Zoidberg @Karl Koscher ?

    Whitney Merrill It's a way of life

    Whitney Merrill #badgelife isnt about collecting, its the losing sleep & pains of building hardware on a fixed deadline f

    Sophi Kravitz is it only for defcon?

    Whitney Merrill We are also kind of a group. No, not only for defcon

    jculberts I think #badgelife started as a joke about how much of our personal time we spend working on producing these things

    Hyr0n its devoting your nights,weekends, sleepsless hours, sanity, and dollars all for making a piece of electronics that hangs from your neck. all to make others happy, meet people, and learn something new

    Jorge Lacoste #badgelife is a way to spend money and time you don't have, it's about waking up at 2am to call China, and just doing it all for the lulz

    true no but DC is probably the biggest presentation.

    Sophi Kravitz what other conferences is it for?

    Sophi Kravitz "all for making a piece of electronics that hangs from your neck" hahahaha

    Whitney Merrill CCC, Derbycon, any conference that has a badge, layerone

    Mike Szczys @Jorge Lacoste well said!

    Whitney Merrill @Jorge Lacoste is the reason i got involved

    Whitney Merrill...

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