1000 ft from the center line of the ecliptic transit in South Congaree SC, after a 3 day marathon of hacking things together, making trips to the hardware store, and using tools on hand to make the tools that were needed to finish the job, we at least have a viewing device. It was supposed to be auto scanning the solar transit using a clock motor rigged to run backwards and stepped with a 2/1 drive wheel for a 1 revolution per day speed, but that had to be left out in order to set up for viewing at the last minute. It was able to project a clear, 2 cm diameter solar disc, but it transited the display area 3 times, so we had to manually adjust it.

Features are a 105/150mm TV camera objective lens mounted to a PVC plumbing optical carriage, DIY 35mm 90 degree first surface mirror, and a field lens collected from a Sony HMZ-T1.

Oh, and paint buckets.