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Wondering what it's like to create projects in China? This week, Naomi Wu joins us to talk about making in Shenzhen!

Friday, September 1, 2017 06:00 pm PDT - Friday, September 1, 2017 06:30 pm PDT Local time zone:
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Naomi Wu will be hosting the Hack Chat this week.

This Hack Chat is at 6p PDT Friday/ 9a CST Saturday, please note new time just for this chat! 

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Naomi Wu is a Cantonese DIY maker who lives and works in Shenzhen, China; she is notable for her strong advocacy of women in STEM, transhumanism, open source, and body modifications, variously challenging both gender and tech stereotypes with her public persona. 
Professionally she is a web developer, coding in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript under a masculine pseudonym for overseas clients both for safety's sake and to preclude gender discrimination; she also reviews electronics. She regards "Chinese gadgets" as good as or better than foreign,and on International Women's Day 2017 she was listed as one of the 43 most influential women in 3D printing, a male-dominated field, by 3D Printer & 3D Printing News.

In this chat, we'll talk about all things Shenzhen, plus some of Naomi's other interests including wearables. Naomi has designed many unusual projects including 3D printed penetration shoes, Raspberry Pi based cosmetics case (on!), and a 3D printed infinity skirt

You can find more pictures and info about Naomi's projects on her Patreon.

TL; DR, in this chat, we'll discuss ::

  • Electronics manufacturing/ purchasing in Shenzhen
  • Designing wearable projects- power supplies, heat on the body, design for comfort
  • Documenting projects
  • Shenzhen culture

Here's the sheet to guide the discussion.

  • Making in Shenzhen Hack Chat Transcript

    Shulie Tornel09/02/2017 at 01:24 0 comments

    SexyCyborg Sure! I'm Naomi Wu. DIY and amateur hardware person in Shenzhen china. So not a hardware professional. As I just said on Hackaday, a New Yorker could tell you how to buy a bagel, I can tell you how to buy a PCB, normal local knowledge not professional

    Camilo Buscaron professionals are overrated! :-)

    sfrias1 :-)

    Sophi Kravitz We have a question about buying parts from Nikolaus: "What's a good way to get parts from directly from Manufacturers on Alibaba as a Maker / Hobbyist / Startup? I try to use aliexpress where ever I can but for some things there is simply no way to get parts anywhere else.

    SexyCyborg Fake website

    SexyCyborg Build a detailed website for a fake company that seems like it would be a good customer. Cheap template, little to no text in images so they can use google translate. I don't do them anymore but I got my start doing these for a flat rate.

    SexyCyborg Also they are going to share your email anyway and you will get a ton of spam

    SexyCyborg so might as well

    Sophi Kravitz Question from the sheet from @Jordan Bunker : what kinds of things are best to buy in Shenzhen?

    Arsenijs Also, I have good experience with taobao forwarding agents.

    Piotr Esden-Tempski Ohh so rather than directing them to your own website you would also rather recommend making a fake one as one would get tons of spam?

    Arsenijs (I think Naomi mentioned this in her first post on blog)

    SexyCyborg Or a throwaway email. But it's not hard to look like a more appealing customer so might as well. But TaoBao first of course, but not everything is there

    Radomir Dopieralski won't it all go bad when they find out?

    Josh Soucie <3 Taobao

    DL101 i spent tons of money buying stuff directly from taobao, nothing ever arrived D:

    Arsenijs Not everything is on TaoBao? I thought that was the place that has more stuff than Alibaba

    SexyCyborg LOL we just think it's clever

    SexyCyborg No, some manufacturers are afraid of local copies

    Arsenijs So they don't sell directly to China? I think I saw this recently

    SexyCyborg Best things to buy in Shenzhen...anything you can get in the markets you can get online, but services. Prototyping, CNC all that, fastest and most professional in Shenzhen

    SexyCyborg The markets are fun for feeling switches and seeing what is new, but most young engineers just source online and get next day delivery.

    Sophi Kravitz says:6:17 PM
    @Arsenic asks :: How viable is it now to subcontract manual assembly assembly to a factory in China?

    Antony Carr Do you have any restrictions by being in China?

    Sophi Kravitz And how do you find places to subcontract assembly to?

    SexyCyborg Easy. hand work is very common still. But I can't give names. People always end up complaining to me when there are problems. this is IP- people earn a lot of money knowing how to make things in China. It's not the kind of information that's freely traded. I think a lot of Open Source Hardware is based around the idea that you without manufacturing expertise you won't be able to get it made as cheaply as the developers. People get off the plane "hey I need to hire an electrical engineer to build my idea for me" I hear this hundreds of times. does not work that way. that's why Hax, Noa labs etc have good business.

    david Hard to believe some people think it does work that way.

    Radomir Dopieralski we get them here regularly too

    SexyCyborg DangerousPrototypes does this the smart way- just act as middle for local company. But everyone wants to cut out the middle person...

    pt this is like the best #hackchat ever, thank you for doing this hackaday and @SexyCyborg

    Sophi Kravitz Next question is from @hello :: What is the hacker/maker culture like in Shenzhen? Why aren't we seeing more people putting out cool projects onto the internet that are just for fun?

    Radomir Dopieralski of course they can't...

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ths.bjerre wrote 08/31/2017 at 09:24 point

I would like to listen in but the time is not a good fit for europe. Will the chat be recorded and available later?

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davedarko wrote 08/31/2017 at 09:56 point

Here's a list of all the recent chats with their copies and links to the chat copies. There you'll find the chat transcripts afterwards

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ths.bjerre wrote 08/31/2017 at 10:34 point

Thank you :)

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