LayerOne is a computer security conference held every year Los Angeles that focuses on hands-on workshops to help you build the skills needed to keep your systems safe. The event is organized my many of our friends from NullSpace Labs.

Hack Badges with Hackaday

Supplyframe is sponsoring this year's hardware badges. We've been watching with glee as [CharlieX] and the rest of the crew have pulled together the designs. [Brian Benchoff] and [Mike Szczys] will be on hand representing the Hackaday Crew. Find us in the Hardware Hacking villiage, documenting your badge hacks, giving out some swag to the best of them, and pestering people to hack the things rather than only letting them hang around your necks!

There are two different versions of the badge this year, one for hardcore hackers who want to get deep into network traffic shenanigans, the other for those who have a bit less experience with this type of short-time-period hacking. Above you can see the hardcore prototype on the left -- it runs OpenWRT. The regular badge is shown on the right, however not pictured here are the ESP8266 modules which give these badges WiFi connectivity. This is going to be a ton of fun!

Venue and Tickets

This year's LayerOne will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Monrovia, California. Check out the venue page for block rates on rooms.

    DoubleTree Hotel
    924 West Huntington Drive
    Monrovia, California, 91016

We encourage pre-registration which will save you $60 compared to registering at the door.