Hackaday Prize Collaboratorium: 1

We meet online for 60 minutes to discuss your Prize entry

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 06:30 pm PDT Local time zone:
Hackaday Prize Hacker Channel
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The Hackaday Prize is underway and many of you have awesome projects.

Want to discuss your entry with supportive listeners? Get feedback? Learn more about THP? Find collaborators?

Join us on the Hackaday Prize Hacker Channel! If you're not a member already, all are welcome, request to join from the Channel page. This meetup will be co-hosted by @Jasmine and @Sophi Kravitz.

We'll be doing more of these at all different times, so if this isn't a good time for you, request a different one for another meetup and we'll try to accommodate.

We can post pictures and chat, just like old school IRC.

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Dez wrote 07/01/2015 at 23:40 point

Nice! :)

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