Hey Everyone, as we are well and truly overdue for a meetup, I thought I would open up the workshop for the 2018 - World Create Day. Please come along even if you don't have a project to work on, I am sure you will learn something, or maybe you can assist with someone else's project.

As always, please contribute $5 for drinks and nibbles on the day.

Build Something that Matters

The core of World Create Day is to stop making excuses and just build something. Great builds start with a plan. The Hackaday Prize will begin soon, and since you’re already getting together with other people, form a team and dream up your entry.

This is your take on building something that matters to the world. Come up with a plan that solves a problem facing humanity and publish your work on Hackaday.io. You may be surprised by the support you get for your idea, but you’ll never know until you put an idea out there. Join in Hackaday’s World Create Day on March 17th and let’s show the world the kind of hope that blossoms when we decide to build something that matters.