Hackaday World Create Day at LearnOBots Labs

We will be doing a Hackathon to celebrate the World Create Day

Saturday, March 17, 2018 10:00 am PKT - Saturday, March 17, 2018 11:00 pm PKT Local time zone:
Islamabad, Pakistan
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World Create Day at LearnOBots is going to be the most exciting and colourful event!

Our Hacklings ( aged between 8-14 ) are meeting us at LearnOBots labs. It will be a technological clash of colours and creativity. Kids are going to build fun little projects in quick sessions throughout the day.  

The event is open from 10:00am-4:00pm 

Location (3rd floor)

See you guys on World Create Day!

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  • Taming AC, remotely

    Kamal03/17/2018 at 20:13 0 comments

    Another training session was underway where students had to make an application using MIT App Inventor. The interactive app would allow the user to control electrical appliances remotely. The control signals are sent via Bluetooth and are received by the Arduino, which signalled the relevant appliance to turn On/Off.

    Pictorial journey begins here

  • Baby steps to solve bigger problems

    Kamal03/17/2018 at 19:35 0 comments

    Kids who have been coming to us for about six months come up with nice little ideas and build some problem-solving project utilizing what they know about technology so far. On this Saturday they made and presented their builds.

    Ohh the venue is not open yet. Without wasting anytime, Abeer is working on her interactive waste bin. It asks people to feed trash in and indicates when its full.

    Taha and Haya showcase their water level indicator. Good presentation !

    Mustafa's 'Dosea' -an intelligent medicine dispenser that would only dispense the required amount of medicine at the right time as fixed by the doctor.

      Some other colorful entrees that made our day 

  • From Dot to Excitement

    Kamal03/17/2018 at 17:29 0 comments

    As part of our multiple training sessions, kids learn and tinker with amazing technologies. Only this time they were much more jubilant as it was World Create Day. I am always amazed that the session starts with kids learning how to take the first step and suddenly they are in the driving seat and inspiring us with their creativity. 

    One such gathering was for learning and playing with LED matrices. Kids got hands on hardware and learned how to turn on a single spot, half an hour later it was all 'come, have a look at my display'.  

    11-year-old Daniyal's display is a must-see 

    Some excited faces from the session  

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shamylmansoor wrote 03/19/2018 at 18:15 point

Thank You Mike!

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Mike Szczys wrote 03/19/2018 at 16:54 point

What a wonderful event! Thanks so much for hosting World Create Day and especially for doing such a great job of sharing the story of all the projects. I really love it that these young engineers are not just building cool projects, but presenting them in a formal way which really makes them think about and understand every part of the build. Fantastic work all around!

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