Projects and Badge Modding at the Superconference

A event log for 2015 Hackaday SuperConference

The most awesome hardware conference ever

Jasmine BrackettJasmine Brackett 11/11/2015 at 22:340 Comments


We are super pumped for the upcoming Superconference and we're really happy you'll be joining us! In addition to the talks and workshops that will be taking place throughout Saturday and Sunday, we have another big feature planned:


OK, that was a bit corny, but the sentiment rings true. One of the reasons we believe so many of you decided to apply and ultimately attend the Superconference is because of everyone in the community. You have seen and followed their projects on or elsewhere online. Now you get to meet each other face to face.

We have two requests

Only a few more days! If you have any questions, email Looking forward to seeing all of you there!