Event location:


Lehrterstr. 53
D-10557 Berlin


please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/eLAB-Makerspace/events/248767046/

Get some awesome things done TOGETHER with eLAB people!

Let's face it: everybody is busy working on their own little project every week. How about if we combine our forces and work on improvements for our hackerspace?

Some ideas what we could do:

1. Maschines

  • install one / some Raspberry Pi(s) running Octoprint or Repetier Server for our 3D printers (currently 3)
  • modify the Arduinos running the 3D printers to not do this stupid reset when you plug the USB cable (the reset on plug leads to an interrupted print!!)
  • modify the K40 laser cutter. It first needs some safety mod. Secondly a new GRBL like controll board and a web interface would be awesome. Finally engraving and cutting in one go! Bodo (@BodoEichstaedt) will work on this.
  • bring out PCB-reflow-oven (formerly pizza oven) back to life! Once it was working, then someone removed the temperature sensor and control electronics. #grrrr Let's make it work again with Arduino, temp sensor, LCD display (thx Hans-Jürgen)

2. Documentation

Peter (@roboterfreak) already did a lot in taking photos, setting up a Mediawiki and doing some general documentation about our stuff and tools, where they are located and so on.

3. eLAB-in-a-Box

Let's bring our idea for project boxes from plan to reality! I think by building a prototype we can learn how things work best.

4. Clean up and prettify the room

The room has grown a lot in the past 2 years. First we used whatever drawers and paper boxes we can find. Things got spread around according to "someone's" thinking. So now we have a mix of privat boxes, public boxes. Measurement tools are spread around, some in a drawer on the working desk, some in a toolbox, some in a private box of someone. Not easy to find for the beginner. And writing with big, black pen on an already printed cardboard box does not look very tidy and nice. Let's bring in some style and design!