The Inventor Center was asked to participate in World Create Day which is hosted by Hack a Day!

"On March 17th makers across the world will be hosting events to get the whole planet creating at one time. It’s a holiday for makers called World Create Day. Pick one of those projects you’ve been meaning to dive into and get together with some old and new friends to hack on your project together."

We have decided to complete the build of a Vorpal Hexapod robot that we have been planning for a while now. All the plastic parts have been 3d printed, so on Saturday, we will be assembling the electronics and programming the robot! Join us! Regardless of your skill level, we would love to have you come and participate in the making! Watch a video of what we are making:
#worldcreateday #hackaday #makers #makerspace

The Vorpal portion takes place at 1 PM, we will be there most of the afternoon and evening. Stop by!

The Inventor Center

227 E. Sullivan St.

Kingsport, TN 37660