Sandeep roy says:9:24 AM
hello people

Sandeep roy says:9:24 AM
anyone have any idea to create a .inc file

Sandeep roy says:9:29 AM
i need it to create a default bom template

ðeshipu says:9:30 AM
what does it have to contain?

Sandeep roy says:9:31 AM
suppose to change a default temperature for all sim profile :

Sandeep roy says:9:31 AM

Sandeep roy says:9:31 AM
we have to provide this in .inc file

Sandeep roy says:9:32 AM
what header and footer it should have

ðeshipu says:9:32 AM
can't you just write that in a text editor?

Sandeep roy says:9:34 AM
yes i can write and save as .inc but when i include in sim. settings and simulate it gives me error

Sandeep roy says:9:35 AM
so, i was curious that what is the excat format to write a include file. any header or footer

Sandeep roy says:9:35 AM
i am not getting any relevant results from google search

ðeshipu says:9:38 AM
well, it would very much depend on the program you are trying to use it with, since we have no idea what that is, it's hard to help you

ðeshipu says:9:38 AM
I would check the documentation of that "sim" thing, whatever that is

Sandeep roy says:9:39 AM
sim= simulation

WooDWorkeR says:9:39 AM
circuit simulation? resturant simulation? rollercoaster simulation?

Sandeep roy says:9:40 AM
circuit simulation in PSpice

WooDWorkeR says:9:42 AM
.INC is a statement in PSpice

Sandeep roy says:9:43 AM
its a file to be included in Capture or Pspice to change Default settings

WooDWorkeR says:9:45 AM
to change the tempaerature you neet to set it via .OPTIONS

WooDWorkeR says:9:45 AM



General Formats : .OPTIONS |option name ...| or .OPTIONS (|option name|=|value| ...) The .OPTIONS command is used to set all options, limits, and control parameters for the various analyses. There are two types of options : flags and value options. The flag options can just be listed, the value options need a specific value to be assigned to it.

Read this on Stuffle >

Abha Jain says:9:48 AM
.INC does not require a header or footer - could you share your out file?

Abha Jain says:9:49 AM
e.g. the following 1-line INC file will work: .OPTIONS VNTOL=1u

Abha Jain says:9:50 AM
are you writing TNOM=35? it needs to be .options TNOM=35

Sandeep roy says:9:50 AM
yes true i tried it before,,, in notepad i wrote .options TNOM=35 and saved is a .inc file and included in edit simulation window config tab to include a include file but got simulation error that the model was not found... but all models are from my inbuilt library

Abha Jain says:9:51 AM
Did you set up the library file from configuration files (edit simulation settings)?

Abha Jain says:9:52 AM
Looks like PSpice could not find the model definition, not a INC file issue.

Sandeep roy says:9:52 AM
yes i checked all.. once i remove the inc file i get my simulation result

Ronak Shah says:9:52 AM

PSpice vs Free.pdf
364 KB

Download File

Ronak Shah says:9:52 AM
PSpice: In regards to my question of why I would choose PSPice vs any free simulator available in the market, I found this good document explaining the difference. Well explained!

Sandeep roy says:9:53 AM
let me give you guys the error message

Abha Jain says:9:54 AM
yes. that would help

K I R A has joined this room.9:54 AM

WooDWorkeR says:9:54 AM
nobody asked why you would use pspice

Sandeep roy says:10:00 AM
ronak thanks for the file

Ronak Shah says:10:01 AM
Well I did yesterday, I got a good document so I shared it

Sandeep roy says:10:01 AM
it will really help

Sandeep roy says:10:01 AM
as an Application Engineer people keep on asking me why i should use PSpice

Ronak Shah says:10:02 AM
You welcome Sandeep :)

Sandeep roy says:10:04 AM
@Abha Jain here is the error report:

Sandeep roy says:10:04 AM

** Creating circuit file "test.cir"



* Profile Libraries :

* Local Libraries :

* From [PSPICE NETLIST] section of C:\Users\sandeep\AppData\Roaming\SPB_Data\cdssetup\OrCAD_PSpice\17.2.0\PSpice.ini file:

.lib "nomd.lib"

.inc "C:\Users\sandeep\Desktop\"

*Analysis directives:

**** INCLUDING ****

option TNOM=37


ERROR(ORPSIM-16407): Missing model

**** RESUMING test.cir ****

.TRAN 0 100m 0 0.1m


.PROBE64 V(alias(*)) I(alias(*)) W(alias(*)) D(alias(*)) NOISE(alias(*))

.INC "..\"

**** INCLUDING ****

* source TEST

R_R1 N00092 N00099 1k TC=0,0

C_C1 0 N00099 1n TC=0,0

V_V1 N00092 0 AC 0

+SIN 0 10 50 0 0 0

**** RESUMING test.cir ****


Sandeep roy says:10:05 AM

Abha Jain says:10:05 AM
Instead of option, it needs to be .options

Abha Jain says:10:05 AM
start with a dot character

Sandeep roy says:10:05 AM
i did that see

Sandeep roy says:10:05 AM
file attached

Sandeep roy says:10:07 AM
oh right got the result at 37 tnom. thanks a lot for the help

Abha Jain says:10:07 AM
You are welcome!

Sandeep roy says:10:07 AM
and i have one more query about the derating file.

Sandeep roy says:10:08 AM
recently i got to know how to add different derating for different ref des of same component type say resistor

Sandeep roy says:10:10 AM
but what if i create a part in capture add a pspice template to it, how should i add the parameter which result in derating or say smoke parameter for a IC

Sandeep roy says:10:15 AM
also adding to it what does 'weight' means in 'optimizer'. no where it is mentioned in user guides n all i am really confused... is it related to priority?

Alok says:10:22 AM
Derating can be added for any device which are supported in SMOKE

Alok says:10:24 AM
Say for example if I want to add derating - output current derating for Opamp, I need to define a new derate Type - define derate value for different parameter say - Output current. Then associate this new derate type on my IC which is Opamp in Capture

Alok says:10:25 AM
For this you need to update the property "Derate_Type" on IC instance in Capture

Sandeep roy says:10:27 AM
yes actually i have to create it for that particular IC as it didnt have this specified property

Sandeep roy says:10:28 AM
can you please suggest on the 'weight' in optimizer

Good morning!

Has the chat started ahead of time?

Alok says:10:30 AM
@Sandeep1994.roy - Weight in Optimizer - is basically a way to indicate certain Goal is more important than others. So a goal with weight 2 would be given more importance than a goal with weight 1.


Sandeep roy says:10:32 AM
@Alok ok so it means priority

Josh Starnes says:10:32 AM
progress with the robo mower

Alok says:10:32 AM

@Alok and @Abha Jain welcome- you may have to answer these questions again once we officially start the chat

Alok says:10:32 AM

thanks for being here though! I think it's pretty late where you are, right?

karnane says:10:33 AM
Good Morning Sophi... Looking forward to a great session today!

Good morning! me too!

super excited

so- we officially start in about 32 minutes, but you can feel free to "pre-chat"

when we start, I'll ask you all to introduce yourselves and then we'll take questions from the comments here:

@Josh Starnes have you entered that into the Hackaday Prize?

Sandeep roy says:10:38 AM
any suggestion about microcontroller, processor and fpga simulations? for microcontroller its fin we can rig up the circuit >> generate part and use it as a library for simulation but any suggestion for fpga?

Alok says:10:40 AM
@Sandeep1994.roy You can use PSpice Device Modeling Interface to model digital functional logic using high level language C/C++ and simulate with rest of PSpice circuit.

Sandeep roy says:10:42 AM
is there any RAK for it in COS? because i have very less idea for coding languages

Alok says:10:44 AM
@Sandeep1994.roy - Yes it is. And as application engineer at FTD you should have these details :)

Sandeep roy says:10:44 AM
Thanks for the info

ZiggyInKC says:10:58 AM
and this is NOT the Spice Girls chat? :)

Shayna says:10:59 AM
Hi all

Ronak Shah says:10:59 AM
Haha, nope it's about PSpice

hey @ZiggyInKC !

ZiggyInKC says:11:00 AM
hiya Soph!

Ronak Shah says:11:00 AM
Hello everyone :)

Stephen Tranovich says:11:02 AM
Hi all! Excited for the chat!!

Marcin has joined this room.11:02 AM

Taylor Street says:11:02 AM
Hello all

hi @Taylor Street !

Dave Blundell says:11:03 AM
hello. Hack Chat time?

nitint has joined this room.11:05 AM

Ronak Shah says:11:05 AM
@Dave Blundell It starts in 2-3 mins I think

We're starting now!

Alok says:11:06 AM
Welcome @nitint

We have a few people here from PSpice

and we'd like to get started with introductions

so... @Alok and @Abha Jain , can you please introduce yourselves

and give us some idea of what part of PSpice you work on?

nitint says:11:07 AM
Hello @Alok

Alok says:11:07 AM
Hello Everyone - This is Alok Tripathi. I am Product Engineering Architect at Cadence. I am happy to be here and chat with you about PSpice.

Abha Jain says:11:08 AM
Hi everyone! I am in PSpice R&D, have worked with PSpice for almost 10 years now!

Alok says:11:08 AM
I am an EE, with 24 years of industry experience and worked with PSpice since my college days as student, designer and within factory in various roles.

Abha Jain says:11:09 AM
Happy to be here too!

Abha Jain says:11:09 AM
I work primarily with PSpice simulation engine.

Ronak Shah says:11:10 AM
How old is this tool? I read this is version 17.2 what it means?

Alok says:11:10 AM
Short answer: 34-year-old software

(PSpice was released in January 1984, and was the first version of UC Berkeley SPICE available on an IBM Personal Computer.

OrCAD merged with MicroSim to acquire PSpice, a PC-based analog and mixed-signal simulation software for designing PCB systems.

Alok says:11:11 AM
In July of 1999, OrCAD and its product line were acquired by Cadence Design Systems)

Release 17.2-2016 is the latest version of this software. Cadence is continuously updating PSpice at regular interval.

What is the EDA software called?

Dave Blundell says:11:11 AM
I've used primarily ltspice. compare and contrast pspice and ltspice functionality?

Alok says:11:12 AM
PSpice has superset of LTspice

Please add your questions to the comments here:

Abha Jain says:11:13 AM

364 KB

Download File

Dave Blundell says:11:14 AM
thix @Abha Jain

Alok says:11:14 AM
@Dave Blundell You can download free version of PSpice from