Andrew Bills

Futurist. Innovation Junkie. Startup Lover. Emerging Tech Advocate. Currently Product Manager for @nameyourstakes & @getsnipeforme

Brisbane, Australia
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This user joined on 02/20/2016.

Things I've Built

Solar Altoid USB charger

A bit cramped internally so it only charges at 500mah max where 1ah would of been better, still managed to fit a solar panel, 6Ah battery, charging circuits and even a couple of piezoelectric elements in there. Good backup backup battery.

Nerf Gun Rack

Not really an impressive electronic feat but a handle display for my Nerf Guns for beside my desk.... even got featured on Gizmodo -

Backlight Photo Frame

Trying to figure out how to make a larger light box for a wall for a movie poster I made a tiny version and gifted it to a friend.

Sonic Screwdriver Mk1

This was a gift, I modified an existing 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver toy to insert a laser pointer and presentation remote into it. I even made a custom mini TARDIS box for it.

Arc Reactor Cosplay

This was a horrible soldering job but basically a Arc Reactor necklace I could wear under a tux for a Halloween party years ago. It was such a bad job that id have to tap it occasionally when it was worn to make it work, which added to the cool.

GPS Puzzle Box

Arduino powered GPS puzzle box I built a few years ago. Press the button the box would turn on, acquire GPS signal and tell you how far away you are to the checkpoint (but not the direction). 7 seals to open before the spring latch would unlock.

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