• How small businesses can cut down their fleet expense?

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    Businesses around the globe try to find ways to enhance productivity and cut down their working costs. Out of all the expenses, companies spend a huge portion of its budget on fleet operations. Therefore, it is essential to ensure efficiency to cut down operational costs. It is easier said than done, however, it is possible with the introduction of fleet management systems.

    The struggles of startups and small companies are different from those of established businesses. They have fewer resources hindering them from achieving efficient operations. Due to these issues, new businesses have a greater need to cut down their expense for stability. They need to analyze their operational mechanism to find areas that prove costly. With a solid plan, the startups can control their excessive spending.

    In this blog, we will discuss different ways to help small businesses cut down their fleet expense. 

    Drivers' Training:

    The drivers' role is pivotal in determining the overall fleet efficiency. Therefore, it is essential to have a proficient team of drivers to facilitate daily operations. Although small businesses do not have a lot of money to spare, spending money on driver's training is worth it. It is not necessary to introduce an elaborate training program; instead, simple tips about efficient driving can be pretty helpful. 

    Testing new drivers before hiring is critical to make the right choice. Make sure to monitor the technical driving skills as they determine the fuel efficiency. For example, the driver should avoid speeding, idling, rash acceleration, and sudden braking. In addition to that, the driver can minimize air conditioner usage by opening windows during driving. These minor changes can result in massive savings in the long run. 

    A well-trained team of drivers can not only enhance fuel efficiency during trips. In addition to that, careful driving can also avoid accidents. This way, companies can save many expenses like repair cost, settlement money, and insurance charges. 

    Reducing Fuel Cost:

    Out of the overall operational expense, fuel costs make up the most of it. It is critical to reducing fueling expenditures for improving efficiency and profitability. How to do it? This question might arise in everyone's mind and efficient fleet management software is the answer to it. GPS tracking solutions offer excellent fuel management that can result in reducing fuel consumption.

    The GPS tracking software uses route optimization to minimize the mileage during trips. With the usage of modern techniques like geofencing, the managers ensure that the drivers do not deviate from the designated route. Also, the strict monitoring of fuel levels during trips helps managers to identify reasons of excessive fuel consumption. For example, taking sharp turns, sudden braking, and harsh acceleration all are responsible for fuel exhaustion.

    Fuel Cards are also an innovative way to conduct fuel management. They come with detailed reporting tools that can help you track your fuel spending effectively. In addition to that, the fuel cards also offer different discount deals that can also reduce costs.

    Route scheduling and optimization:

    Small businesses need to lift their productivity to start earning some profits. It is possible by scheduling daily trips. With the help of management software, the drivers know their destination and assigned route at the start of the journey. This way, no time is wasted on inquiries, and more trips can be completed in a day. 

    The route optimization feature of tracking solutions is a big help for drivers. By using predictive analytics, it detects obstacles on the road like traffic or ongoing construction work. Therefore, drivers are assigned the shortest path to their destination, helping to complete trips in less time. Lesser mileage means lesser fuel consumption saving a lot of money eventually. 

    Ensuring Safety:

    Accidents are a big headache...

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  • Top 10 Fleet Management Software for Running Efficient Business Operations

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    Managing a fleet is a highly stressful, time-consuming job as it involves intense multitasking. The stakes are very high because worthy assets like vehicles are involved. There is always a level of uncertainty irrespective of the skillset and competence of the driver. Every business wants to incorporate safety precautions to minimize the risk element, and fleet management software is the most trusted mechanism for that. 

    The modern telematics systems are tailor-made to serve the daily affairs of businesses dealing with a large group of vehicles. They not only facilitate the operations but also provide help to save time and expenses. Due to the growing demand, a large number of telematics solutions have been introduced lately.

    In this blog, we will discuss the details of the top ten telematics systems available in the market.

    10 Best Fleet Tracking and Management Systems:

    Although many options of vehicle tracking and monitoring platforms are available in the market, the ten of the best ones are given below:

    Flotilla IoT:

    Flotilla IoT is a leading telematics platform offering many products, including a highly efficient and user-friendly fleet management system. It is not a conventional vehicle tracking solution; it is a complete monitoring and management mechanism offering full device integration. From tracking history and detailed reporting to ECO driving and Geofencing, there are many innovative features worth utilizing. 

    Notification alerts can be set for maintenance, customized events, sensors and many other options to control daily operations better. In addition to that, there is a cross-platform GPS tracking app called 'FX Tracker’ available that acts as an alternative of a tracking device. 'Flotilla IoT’s telematics solution is apt for different scales and scopes of businesses ranging from small companies to huge conglomerates. 


    GpsGate is a Sweden-based tracking platform with over 15 years of serving various businesses. It offers a secure cloud service for hosting, or you can also do it behind your own firewall. With an enormous capacity to support 1000s of trackers along with a tracker app and built-in simulator, it offers everything a business wants. It also provides integration with various other platforms like ERP systems, planning tools, and billing software. 


    EN ROUTE TECHNOLOGIES LLC is a SIRA-approved surveillance and security service provider specializing in live GPS tracking and CCTV technology. From trading to installation and operation management, it covers every area of telematics. The fleet management system of EN ROUTE TECHNOLOGIES is one of a kind offering excellent goal-driven end-to-end solutions. Its main features include vehicle maintenance, live GPS Tracking and Monitoring, Fuel Management, Fleet Visibility, Runtime Reporting, and Analytics.

    The unique features like Geo-fencing and ECO driving alerts help keep strict monitoring on the driver's behavior and efficiency. Real-time notifications for various management indicators can also be set, including Movement, Maintenance ECO Driving, Unit Status, Fuel, etc. Driver Identification and Verification features ensure vehicle security and transparency in daily operations. 

    GPS Trackit:

    GPS Trackit is a leading fleet management software that offers live GPS tracking and monitoring services to several clients worldwide. With over 17 years of experience, it has been one of the pioneers in cloud-based IoT telematics solutions. The highly efficient theft protection mechanism allows foolproof security of the vehicles. Many customized automation options ensure that different businesses use the software according to their convenience.


    Fleetio is an excellent fleet monitoring platform founded in 2012 to serve various scales of businesses. With a highly centralized and seamless design, it offers complete automation of workflow along...

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