Dan Fruzzetti

Highly experienced hacker / fixer / maker / project manager with formal education in mathematics, music, and computer science

Dublin, CA
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Things I've Built

LeapPad 2 Serial Port Cartridge and FTDI Interpreter

Level Converter using OSEPP's FTDI device. Crafted a serial port cartridge to exlpore the LeapPad 2 device, which turns out to be an 800MHz Linux tablet with fully functional OS and vsftpd based upon mostly Flash content.

Serial Break-Out Cable Extraordinaire

Whipped this up so I could learn more about my PV system's Envoy monitoring device. Turns out, the Envoy is a security threat to any home network and must AT ALL COST be separated from your local subnet!

The Hedge Trebuchet

After cutting back a hedge I was left with these long wooden poles. How could I simply discard them when so many cool toys could be built from them? Without enough wood for a tree house, I did the next best thing! Used no plans or diagrams.

Hybrid Electric Lock-and-Key (CONCEPT)

Another idea from the Fruzzetti think tank is a key lock using very low power that requires no power supply inside the device and requires no particularly intelligent circuitry -- just smart tumbler design -- to protect against bump attacks.

Fruzzetti Type Reflecting Telescope (CONCEPT)

The design for this telescope -- yet to be built -- came to me while walking in a casino. I insist that building a proof of concept will demonstrate its AMAZING optical properties are superior to those of extant designs.

Electric Go-Kart

Started with a beat-up kart frame, built up to electric drive and ESC. Created custom mounting system, custom motor mount and tensor, custom steering control, custom throttle control, etc.

Marker Minder - Cap Clamp for Teachers

Enables users to quickly color-code on whiteboard without loss of caps and without wasting time looking for the right colors. Developed as a hobby from idea to complete market-ready product so I could learn the basics of project management.

Toy Car Improvements

My daughter got a toy car that really underimpressed. I did this to it:

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Dan Fruzzetti wrote 05/02/2015 at 00:31 point

I wish I had the resources it takes to launch a crowd-controlled, nuclear powered submarine drone.  We could operate it for cheap from anywhere and it could discover countless sunken treasures and archaeological answers!

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