Rodney B. Rutherford

90% think they are above others, that many are wrong all quite
I have been feeling I underachieved my retirement

North Pole, Alaska near Fairbanks
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Things I've Built

Random code practice generator

Arduino generates morse code characters for code copy practice. Arduino for Ham Radio by Glen Popiel KW5GP

Color orgam with front light controller

The color organ starts with the back lights off to on with the front lights going from on to off. It employs solid state relays and multiple 20A circuit sources I am trying stagecraft LEDs ASAP.

Porch, roof extension, and dome sheds

I am with "Take a brick at a time home, build four walls and move in". I do the work of a building contractor, specialize in residential electrical and enjoy real estate investments if I can.

Flame speaker

Winning Science Fair project uses acetylene torch flame as a loud speaker for photos, see google


I converted a b&w tv to color using a color wheel and kodak wratten filters.

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