Gabriel D'Espindula

Electronics lover, excited to create things and learn new technologies!

From Curitiba, currently in Sweden
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Things I've Built


This AD/DA project was designed to substitute a PC running linux + data acquisition boards to a smaller device. Codding was a bit challenging because I already had all programs running in the PC and needed to create compatible libraries.

Portable EEG

I can't share too much information here, but basically was a project made to a thrid party company that hired me to design it. It's an portable EEG, capable of doing complex operations in real time.

Strain gauge amplifier

This project is a Strain Gauge amplifier, to reach frequencies up to 2kHz. Read a Strain gauge is simple, but can be tricky in higher frequencies. This project was developed in the Arai Laboratory, at Osaka University - Japan

Biometric localizator

Brazil has some laws to create the register of working hours. But sometimes is hard to do so if the employee is outside the company for a client visit. Here it comes this device. Was made in 2015, using BLE. Pretty new at that time.

Wareable MEMS

One of the coolest projects I ever did! As it was requested from a thrid party company I can't share details, but it had BLE and several sensors in a 20mm diameter board and I soldered it by myself, using a re-work station! IPC610, baby.

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