Paul Gardner-Stephen

Creator of 64NET, a shoe phone, the Serval Project and MEGA65.

Adelaide, Australia
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Things I've Built

MEGA65 8-bit Retro-Computer

Commodore canned the Commodore 65 computer at the last minute 25 years ago. We are now recreating, completing, and extending this unicorn's horn of the 8-bit computing world. At 48MHz, it is already the world's fastest C64 compatible computer.

Serval Project

After a disaster, in the middle of nowhere, or out of cash? Why should your mobile phone stop working? The Serval Project is all about getting smart-phones to form distributed infrastructure-independent networks, anywhere, anytime.

A real shoe phone

Why should Maxwell Smart have all the fun? So for a church camp themed on the movie, I built a working shoe phone, and proceeded to wear it into the USA post-9/11 (with all the necessary permissions, of course). Here it is at 30000ft.

Control system for a 9-metre industrial roll-former

... which ran on two 6502 CPUs with 8KB RAM each. This was quite the "interesting" introduction to embedded systems programming when I was still at school.


64NET was created in 1993 when I was 17 to interface PCs to Commodore 64 and 128 home computers, so that they could use the cheap bulk storage of pre-loved PCs.

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