• How Brands are Redefining the PCB Design Process with AR

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    Augmented Reality has been in the market for many years, predominantly used for entertainment and marketing of products. Augmented Reality is leaving its impacts simultaneously on various industries, growing at a CAGR of 33.7% and is expected to gain a market size of 85.0 billion by 2025.

     PCB design software market is expected to have a market cap of over $970 Million by 2024 and augmented reality coupled with technologies like artificial intelligence, auto-detection, machine learning, etc, with it's growing pace and countless areas of application is all set to take over PCB Design and Manufacturing industry as the key industry players go forward with their strategic implementation of this technology.

    Augmented Reality In PCB Design and Manufacturing

    Augmented Reality is a technology making its way into several areas of PCB design and manufacturing process. However, being such a new technology, most of the concepts are either in the experimental stage or being tested for commercial use.

    When the commercial market of mobile phones started to develop, after Motorola first developed the phone in 1973, nobody even in their wildest dream would have imagined what a mobile would be able to do in 2019.

    Similarly, with AR in PCB design and manufacturing, it is difficult to say what the future holds.

    There are several areas where AR could be used in the future when it comes to PCB design. "Procedure" is one of them; If given the ability to switch between the finished product, the virtual design and the real-life work in progress, the designer will have a clearer understanding of what needs to be done next.

    The PCB design and manufacturing is detailed work, including a long list of detailed instructions. The designer must follow these instructions while designing the circuit board. If AR can bring that list of instructions in his/her vision, that will help to make the design process faster.

    Introducing artificial intelligence in AR for PCB Design is another proposed implementation that results in a more enabled platform for the users. AI with its capability to learn and enhance itself from the experiences it gathers over a period of time and while under the stage of development would recognize the design, the components, the flow and would start suggesting alternatives.

    Not only that, like we have auto-correct tools like grammarly, AI and AR combined together can reduce the number of errors which simply means faster design implementation. 

    In addition to helping with the design and manufacturing of PCBs, augmented reality can be used to assist in the maintenance of the manufactured circuit boards and fault detection. As technology develops itself, the complexity of the circuit boards will increase and with that, maintenance and fault detection will become difficult.

    Using augmented reality, it will be much easier to detect the faults as AR will guide the users through the complex circuits and can also bring guidelines into their vision thereby making it much easier to provide easy maintenance and fault detection.

    Not only that, PCBs being a complex piece of technology, having an augmented reality-driven market will improve the face of the industry and would promote easy integration of various functions.

    Training users on latest technology will become easier and more personalized which would help in increasing the skill of people working at the lowest level in the industry; people who are the face of this industry, interacting with consumers every day in uncountable scenarios.

    Hurdles in Implementation of AR In PCB Design and Manufacturing

    Augmented reality is a promising prospect for PCB design and manufacturing industry yet its implementation and industry-specific growth is hindered by a number of factors that have been a roadblock in its progress towards large scale implementation. 

    One issue is slow software development specific to AR in PCB design....

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  • Why Must You Hire Professional Web Designers?

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    The online market is highly competitive. But the good news is that there are myriad options for connecting with your audience. You can use social media to link up with the target audience. Besides, you can plan on developing a website for your business. This website helps create a channel where you can interact with your audience. A good website needs to be responsive, easy to navigate around, and highly optimized for most gadgets. However, this is not a project that you can do it yourself. It requires the services of a web designer. This is because you may create one but find that it requires a lot that you may not achieve due to lack of resources, tools, and expertise.

    Thus, there are so many reasons as to why you should consider seeking the services of experienced developers to undertake the project for you. These experts possess the required set of skills, have the right tools, know where to get cheap web hosting, and can get the done job done in the shortest time possible since they make the necessarily collaborations. Also, your site will be more secure if you let professionals handle it. Thus, your customers won't lose their information on their accounts. And all the transactions will be secure in case it is an E-commerce platform. See why you need experts for this task.

    Industry trends

    Online trends keep changing. Every day new trends come upon lead generation, visuals, computer coding, website layouts, and website optimization, among others. Only those with special skills in this field can keep up with such changes since they the right software. They know what is new in the industry and can utilize it to make your website more responsive and rank higher than those of your competitors.

    They know what is good for you and what is not. In most cases, they will do it in a customized way since they want to stand out in the industry. But if you create it for yourself, you may not incorporate the latest technological updates trends in your industry. So, you need them to do so.

    Webmaster Services

    A website requires regular maintenance. That is one thing that you should keep in your mind. Truly, you cannot simply develop it and leave it unattended. Your website needs to rank at the top of search engines like the news industry shakers. You can achieve that if your site receives top webmaster services. So, for you keep your site running, you need services of expert developers and maintainers. This will help keep your site in order and running as it should.

    The Visual Aspect

    A website should have a stunning look. Further, than that, it should be highly responsive to multiple devices. That way, it will be easy for visitors to navigate. It should possess great visual aspects- the graphics utilized and the color should be the most attractive. It should not be a dull page with images that are blurred. It should be clearly laid for every visitor to quickly and easily find what they are searching for.

    Therefore, think about hiring developers who are experienced. Yes, a website developer who is professionally certified to create E-commerce platforms can develop a site that will earn you massive earnings in the long run. The color schemes will be strategically displayed.

    Bottom Line 

     If you need to create a website for your business, you are in dire need of a professional web designer. It does not matter if your business is small or big; you can always find a suitably experienced designer to help you out. Once you consider hiring expert developers, you will eventually get a website that is user-friendly, and you will make massive sales from it.

  • The rise of cybersecurity: industry booms with the help of AI

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    We’re living in the era of digital revolution. The online world is changing the way we function, communicate and do business at a faster rate than the world has ever seen before. And, with the rapid changes, come new crimes. Living so much of our lives online has created thousands of new opportunities for cyber-crime, which in turn has birthed a new and growing industry - cybersecurity. One consequence of this is a flourishing interest in cybersecurity stocks, with investors of all types having their heads turned in this direction. In fact, right now, in the US in particular, software experts and government are battling in cyberwarfare against an evermore sophisticated community of hackers.

    While businesses in the States are thought to have spent around $124 billion protecting themselves against large-scale online security breaches, organisations on both sides of the Atlantic have fallen prey to the hackers. In 2018, the huge WannaCry attack cost Britain’s National Health Service a massive £92 million. The year before, American credit card company Equifax had the data of some 143 million customers stolen, including a terrifying 200,000 credit card numbers.

    One important weapon in the fight against large scale online fraud is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence allows systems to process huge quantities of data. The more information is processed, the better the AI technologies become at spotting potential threats. Whether these are malicious files, corrupt insiders or threatening IP addresses, the AI can spot them faster than ever before, which is why it adds such value to the way cybersecurity businesses operate. By constantly improving its knowledge, the technology gets stronger every minute, better at preventing cyber-attack and calculating cyber risk. More than anything else, from the smallest start-up to the largest cyber security business, Artificial Intelligence is a time saver. Eliminating the need for time-consuming research, the new AI tools quickly provide security analysts with the information they need to make decisions, challenge threats and potentially save their clients millions.

    In essence, Artificial Intelligence is transforming programming by applying ‘heuristics’ to it. AI doesn’t follow a list of pre-ordained instructions like other programmes, instead it reacts differently according to the data it collates. Like the human mind, it calculates probability before proceeding with the most appropriate and helpful action. Unlike the human mind, it isn’t swayed by emotion or ulterior motives. This is what makes it so valuable in the fight against cyber criminals. Additionally, the more established a piece of AI software is, the better it will perform. That’s because it simply becomes better informed and more agile every day.

    Many market commentators believe that the exponential progress made by Artificial Intelligence technologies is the reason why cybersecurity stocks have been performing so well in recent months. Other say it’s simply a growing awareness of the threat posed by cyber-criminals, but perhaps it’s a combination of both factors.

    This year could be seen as a turning point for cyber security businesses, particularly those that have adopted the most pioneering Artificial Intelligence security. This, along with the rise in cyber-crime and the ever more sophisticated attacks engineered by cyber criminals are creating a perfect storm, pushing up the value of stocks in companies at the forefront of anti-fraud activity online.