• Autodesk Fusion 360

    03/09/2014 at 18:20 0 comments

    I hadn't touched CAD in a decade, so when I needed a package to model in, to support my shiny new Replicator 2, I had to choose a path.

    I took another run at blender, and a few other stalwarts, but ended up flowing through 123D, the Inventor Fusion beta, and its final form of Autodesk Fusion 360.

    It offered many of the paradigms that meshed well with my expectation and previous experience, as well as an aggressive and roadmap into new territory.

    On top of this I saw good response in the forums, so was willing to invest my time in the toolset.

    So all the projects I presently might publish are using Autodesk Fusion 360 for the underlying modelling and visualization right through to STL export.

    Like any STL, I then post process through netfabb before attempting to print.

    With any package breaking new ground, you need to be willing to work with it, and help the community identify and fix issues, along with being on the maturity curve for stability, but keep in mind this is an extensive tool that offers both dimensional accuracy and organic like sculpting, so crossing between the hard constraints and the aesthetic is part of its DNA. 

    And it is FREE for hobbyist use, so you don't have to compromise between price and power.


    So if you are looking to invest your time in a modelling toolset, go give it a look.