• Arduino help wanted

    08/03/2017 at 11:22 0 comments

    Arduino software engineer wanted for open source project!

    Recently I finished an Arduino M0 compatible board for home automation. This board is also useful for remote controlled equipment or a remote alarm system or a combination of both. This board has 64IOs. The inputs are interrupt driven, so a change will be reported immediately. So double clicking a switch will also be detected. The main reason why I developed this board is an IO extension board for my Loxone. But this board can also be used for other systems (MQTT). You can also use it to remotely read out your current power usage in your house or power surplus in a solar panels system for instance. The PCB has  a ModBus to read out the power measurement devices (SDM630). You can also use the PCB to make a remote weather station that reads the temperature, air humidity, air pressure, wind speed, etc. So the usage of the PCB is limitless. Also remotely read/write I2C, 1 wire, IOs, Modbus devices, DMX devices. Communication with the PCB can be accomplished by Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth (BLE V4.0). The PCB can be build in a cheap housing. These are the Features of the PCB:

    • ATSAMD21 controller. Same as the Arduino M0
    • LCD can display the status of the device
    • Available busses: USB, I2C, Modbus, DMX512, 1 wire and 64 IOs
    • Communication: USB, ethernet, WiFi/BLE
    • Easy reprogrammable. The SAM-BA bootloader can be activated. The same USB connection will be used to update the controller with the latest software build of your application. A JTAG-SWD interface is available for debug puposes.

    The only problem for me is the modification of the Arduino M0 source to make the Arduino M0 library source compatible with my board. I don't have experience with this. So reassigning the Sercom interfaces, making an IO library, adapt the ENC28J60 source to make it work with my board (but I think this will work due to the default SPI configuration). I will send you the PCB for free, but the only thing I ask is to help me with the Arduino source code. It will also be available on the project page. The PCB data will also be published on the page.