I'm a musician and artist who makes noise circuits.

Tampa, Florida
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This user joined on 03/04/2014.

Things I've Built

The Mega Space Rocker x-137 (in progress)

This is an odd piece of metal mesh from inside an old high-def TV picture tube. When connected to piezo pickups and amplified it makes a lot of echoey space noises when you pluck, strum or strike it. A tip of the hat to Eric Archer.

The Mingutron

The Mingutron is a semi-random bass line generator with FM and an LFO. It uses a 40106 for sound and timing and a 4051 multiplexer to a r2r DAC for note selection. It's kind of like a mini hardwired Lunetta.

The Lunettic (in progress)

This is a Lunetta inspired modular CMOS sequencing and sound machine with various oscillators, gates, circuit bent toys and drum modules. It's a robojazz rave in a box capable of making structured songs and random soundscapes.

The Kruppatron

The Kruppatron is my first attempt at a drum module. It uses two of Eric Archer's Mini Space Rockers drum circuits, a low fi snare circuit and the Vector Weapon sound circuit from Make vol. 35.

The Watchers

The Watchers are a series of noise circuits with photoresistors on flexible wires that detect brightness intensity from a video monitor to control pitch, modulation or other sound parameters.

The Funk Filter

This is a dual tunable bandpass filter taken from Forrest Mims' Op Amp Circuits Engineer's Notebook.

The Organ Grinder

The Organ Grinder is my attempt at a polyphonic keyboard. It has 24 surface mounted push buttons connected to 24 individual 40106 square wave oscillators with a starve pot and a 4040 divider.


Trashverb is a plate reverb made from garbage- An old sheetmetal sign stretched in a recycled 2x4 frame with an old computer speaker amp as a driver and a piezo element from a broken alarm clock as a pickup.


The Medusatron is an optical sequencer. It uses blinking LEDs on flexible wires with photoresistor controlled FM oscillators to make melodies.

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