I love electronics and I will do all kind of projects, I love open source and being open source and helping other people to learn.

Fullerton, California
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This user joined on 03/08/2014.

Things I've Built

Stepper Driver

A Bi-polar, 3 Amp, 6-36 V Stepper Driver. I used L298 and L297 and an Optocoupler to make this. I used this board and the other CNC_ Controller to make my first CNC, before I got a job in this new Laser company!

Current Projects

1) 16*2 Character LCD_simulator Library. 2) Touch Screen Controller for Laser_CNC Machines. 3) RFID_Employee Logger Using Raspberry PI 4) LPC1768_ARM Processors Tutorial for beginners 5) and many more :)

Other Projects

I've got some old projects that you guys can take a look at my website. AVRMP.COM

Routery lpt_CNC Controller

This is just a connection board containing relays and Buffers and several Optocouplers for protection . This board connects my stepper controllers to the LPT port of your PC, so you can make a cheap CNC.

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