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Things I've Built

My bench

Scope/function gen and 4-step power supply. 3-12V. All the white boxes is stuff I designed and built. Top left: variable square wave gen. Top right: bench supply: 5, 5, 6, 9 Bottom: 170v for nixies. 100MHz freq. counter.

More Work In Progress stuff. (WIP)

On the left is a modular clock using IN-12As. I am working the bugs out of this for a kit. The other is a 3A. variable power supply. 1.25-26.8V.

Vintage test equipment

On the left is a Motorola test set. WIP It was used to service commercial two-way F.M. radios. Next to it is a signal generator. WIP It was used to check a receiver's sensitivity.

Old school programming

This is a 6800 logic trainer. I use it to keep my programming skills sharp.

Vintage computers

I got this from Fairbanks Alaska. I had to replace the crt.

My first clocks

The one on the left is a true binary clock. The other is a 'Lights clock' You tell time by the position of the lights.

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fletcherpaul79 wrote 07/17/2014 at 19:14 point
I like doing this type of stuff.
I am always searching for things to repair or build.

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