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student. loves chemistry, loves electronics & old technology, loves the sunny side of life.

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DackR wrote 10/05/2014 at 19:06 point
Hey there! I've been working on emulation of a SNES multitap using the Arduino
platform, so I thought I'd give a shout out and let you know that people are
definitely interested in other retro-gaming projects. Keep it up!

Any chance you'll be posting any further details about your project?? Please
keep going! Is there any way that I could help?

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Ingo S. wrote 10/09/2014 at 11:32 point
At the moment, it's more or less only the lack of time which limits progress on this project, and of course... Halloween. So a few last-minute Halloween props, light-installations etc. have to be finished till the end of October. Then I definitively will continue work on this project!

In principle, the idea works already. For example, flashing strobe-lights / triggering small motors at every wall-collision or brightness in relation to driving speed in F-Zero was pretty straightforward.

Before going further into software work, I want to spend some time about the realization in general. For example, how to interface the RAM/DATA lines appropriately and at least with a reasonable woman-acceptance-factor. Probably the easiest way would be to repurpose one of the old cheat-module cartridges, which can be plugged into the console and have a second cartridge themselves.

Thanks for showing interest in this retro-gaming project. I will have a look at your multitap-project, too.

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DackR wrote 11/05/2014 at 01:09 point
"the easiest way would be to repurpose one of the old cheat-module cartridges"

I have thought of doing this as well. I've got a couple of the Nakitek GameSaver+ boards that I plan on tearing down, dumping the ROM, and seeing if I can wrap my head around what it's actually doing. With the goal of monitoring scores, lives, etc. I hope we can work together in some way.

If you haven't got a copy of the SNES development manual, it can be downloaded from This could come in handy for you as it details some of the internals of the hardware for the system.

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