I am a aeronautical engineer and love to reverse engineer any product and modify according to my requirement .

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Things I've Built

Experimental Analysis of Optimized Airfoil .

Basically I took the optimized airfoil coordinates from my faculty and fabricated the wing and test was done under subsonic wind tunnel for experimental readings of pressure.

RC car based on ackerman mechanism

I built this RC car in my 1st yr of college . It is basically 2 wheel drive and has steering , controlled by servo motor .

Red in Blue ( Practice Flyer )

This Rc aircraft fuselage is made up of aluminium square pipe of 3 cm . Other parts like motor , wing etc used from previous project . It weighs appx 500 grams with all electronics and it fly very well and its robust .

Led Project

I fabricated lots of led light design . I did this project in my summer break . This photo shows one of my design.

Virtual Reality (Project RV)

Inspired by Google cardboard , I made my own customized virtual reality headset which is compatible with almost all smartphone .

Quadcopter for Agriculture use.

I made this quadcopter for agriculture use like spraying pesticides .

RC F22 raptor

Full body of aircraft is made up of high density thermocol . With all electronics it weighs 824 grams . I used 2200kv motor , 6x5 prop, 2200mah battery , 40amps esc and 3 metal gear servo.

RC aircraft

This RC aircraft was made from coroplast and the wing was made from foam . I installed 1500 kv brushless motor , with 40 amps esc , 220mah battery , 10x4.5 SF propeller , four metal gear servo and the wing used for this was symmetrical .

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