I work in IT, I wrench on the side. I mess around with whatever comes to mind.

Lansing, Michigan
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Things I've Built

Powdercoating Oven

Built a powdercoating oven to experiment with coating parts for motorcycles. The goal was to be capable of fitting a full frame. It worked well, I did coat a frame but it took up too much space so its gone now. More pics

Eclipse Engine swap

This car is what charred my garage. The engine was shot(thrust bearing failure) and needed to be swapped. It also went through a flood and a winter before I got to it. It did run after and I did use it daily. More pics

Hardtailed 83 Yamaha Maxim 650

Decided I wanted to hardtail a motorcycle this is what I ended up with. I took 3rd place at a bike show with it, and ended up selling it for a profit :) More pics

RepRap Adapto 3D Printer

3D printers started getting popular, and I decided I needed to have one. I took this to MRRF back in 2013. I did not make it to the 2014 MRRF. It needs some updates as its starting to show its age. More pics

Datsun 240z

Mostly just a practice in updating from points to electronic ignition, improved alternator, better stereo, and making it look attractive. This one died from rust poisoning. More pics


Mostly just a project in hitting a deer, swapping engines, and bodywork, hitting another deer, and then trying to make a deer proof. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of it when it was completely finished. More pics

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 07/09/2014 at 00:06 point
Come to the Hackaday Detroit Meetup this Friday Tell your hacking friends.

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jvsalatino wrote 05/18/2014 at 10:55 point
Thank for your skull

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