Quantity   Tool name
1 × Lasercutter Epilog Mini, 60W
6 × 3D Printer Prusa i3 Mk3, Ultimakers
1 × CNC Mill ISEL, medium sized
42 × Knowledge Knowledge exchange is one of our main goals. If you have a question, someone can most likely answer it.
1 × Electronic Components Arduinos, ESP8266, MOSFETs, Resistors, the like
5 × Soldering Station Smoke solder fumes every day. (Better don't)
2 × Oscilloscope Digital and Analog ones, the good kind.
1 × Teufel Subwoofer and Music System For feeling all the good vibes. Productivity enhancer.
999 × Generic Hardware Tools What one needs for building stuff. Drill press, jigsaw, drills, screwdrivers, etc.