Jacksonville Florida is not a small town by any means, with over 1.3 million residents.  Jacksonville is host to 3 large Navy bases including a Naval Air Station, several aircraft carriers, and a nuclear submarine base.  Jacksonville also has branches of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, McDonald Douglas, and Cessna, 2 Amazon fulfillment centers, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Sally Industries and more.

Jacksonville FINALLY has a makerspace, hosted at the downtown library.  Equipment for use consists of: Some guitars, ukuleles, and some microphones.  A sewing machine.  A green screen.  A small vinyl cutter, a laptop, some LEGOs and K-Nex.

Sign up for ukulele lessons, or take a class on how to sew a pillowcase.

If you think this is some sort of joke, unfortunately it is not.