CDL - Computer Deconstruction Laboratory

CDL - Computer Deconstruction Laboratory - The Jersey Shore Makerspace

Building 9059, 2201 Marconi Rd. Wall Township, NJ
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CDL - Computer Deconstruction Laboratory - The Jersey Shore Makerspace

The Institute for Exploratory Research (IXR)  was renamed in 2018 so we are now the Computer Deconstruction Laboratory (CDL). We are a family friendly makespace that will gladly help you learn about various technology such as electronics, programming and other maker technologies. The CDL consists of a makerspace/lab and Podcast studio which is open to the public on Sunday from 12 - 5 PM and Monday from 7 - 10PM. We have the usual tools, assortment of electonic parts (lots of TTL), 3D printers and a CNC machine. We also have the unusual tools but we also have the studio, a 12" meade Telescope, ham radio equipment (QRP), the key cutter (yes it works). We're working on more.

We are not an technology incubator. We are a 501 c3 organization.

  • 4 × 3D printers Various 3D printers
  • 1 × Desktop CNC Arduino based CNC printer
  • 1 × Normal collection of tools Big tools box with various tools
  • 8 × Soldering stations More than 8
  • 1 × Project Projector in the classroom

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  • Less Liebert and Star Gazing

    Neil Cherry10/11/2022 at 12:30 0 comments

    2022-10-11 - Good night last night. Dan arrived early for the podcast, Bob showed up so we discussed general science things. I manage to contort myself enough to drill a hole through the header and pull new the new camera wires down from the attic. A short time later we reassembled the 12" Meade Telescope and brought it outside. Paul ripped apart the Liebert AC unit some more. That thing will probably be gone by next Monday. Loads of people stopped by including Nick Lordi who we haven't seen in awhile. 

  • Monday 7 - 10PM - Star gazing and deconstruction!

    Neil Cherry10/10/2022 at 16:24 0 comments

    2022/10/10 - Captain's log, toilet blocked ... ;-) 

    Yes, it's been a while since we've posted here. I'm working on the backlog. :-) 

    Monday 7 - 10PM. We're working on star gazing with the 12" Meade Telescope. It is predicted to be clear. So it should be a good night to view the sky. Will be setting up starting a 6PM. Later I'll be working on a cable run and removing more of the old Liebert AC unit (it's empty and it's disconnected). We're making more room for future equipment. If no one is using the Taz I'll try printing a power supply cover also. Will probably also do a bit of teaching to java to one of our members.

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Neil Cherry wrote 10/11/2022 at 14:26 point

We actually have more tools but because of space and power issues we don't have them available (yes we really have welding equipment). We're still in the process of getting more tools but that takes time. Also the amateur radio equipment is in process.

One other thing to note is that the CDL (and Vintage Computer Federation folks) are the IT/Networking crew for the entire campus. So we're more than a simple makerspace. :-)

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