Founded in July of 2013. As of late 2015, about 300 active paid members, over 10,000 SF of space. Integrated deeping with the community. A great start on equipment including 10 3D pinters (8 Lulzbot 'factory' printers, 1 creator -makerbot II clone and 1 rostock max delta arm printer). CNC Mogul 4 X 8 foot router table. 40W Lasercutter. A large metal machine shop. TIG, MIG and Oxy Welding shop. Brewery. Textiles and Fabrics shop. Electronics Lab. Robotics Lab. Data Center. Computer Lab. Prototyping Lab. Wet Lab (Biohacking). Kiln/Forge/Foundry/Ceramics. Glass Blowing. Jewelry/metalsmithing/pewter/lapidary. Bike repair and mod shop.