Quantity   Tool name
1 × Probotix V90 CNC Router The V90 is a high performance, general purpose machine, suitable for many uses such as clock making, plaques, RC aircraft parts and more!
1 × Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 desktop vinyl cutter combines precision cutting with ease of use. It achieves cutting speeds up to 20 inches per second with maximum accuracy. Vehicle graphics, signs, decals, labels, stencils, pinstriping and heat transfers come out looking crisp and clean.
1 × Xerox Phaser solid ink printer The Xerox Phaser line of printers is based on solid ink technology rather than liquid ink or toner. The printer works by melting the ink and transferring it to a drum with jets to produce images on paper in a process similar to offset printing. The ink is made from food grade vegetable oils.
1 × HP Designjet wide format plotter (offline, needs a new print system) The DesignJet 3000 series is a 600dpi inkjet printer which prints onto 36 inch wide spools of paper (or other materials). Both standard and UV Pigmented (lightfast) ink are available. We currently need to replace the complete print system (ink, print heads, etc)
1 × 150 W Laser Cutter G.Weike LC-1390SA 150W CO2 laser with 1300mmx900mm work area and infinite pass-through. Rear pass-through feeds onto a 5x12 foot work table. Front pass-through can be setup with rollers from the wood shop to feed in large sheets if needed.
1 × Rostock Max v1 3D Printer SeeMeCNC Rostock Max v1
1 × Form 1+ 3D Resin Printer Form1+ high resolution UV cured resin printer.
1 × Wood Shop with Numerous Tools Table saws, bandsaws, scroll saws, routers, wood lathes, sanders, drill presses, etc.
1 × Machine Shop with Numerous Tools Vertical mills, metal lathes, grinders, bandsaws, cutoff saws, drill presses, sandblasting, sheet metal, etc.
1 × Hot Metal Shop with Numerous Tools Tabletop Kiln for white metals, Large Ceramics kiln, MIG and wire and stick welders, press,
1 × Grünblau MDF3790 Large Format CNC Router Grünblau Design Studio's MDF3790 Large Format DIY MDF CNC Router. Will hold a full 4x8 sheet with a work area of 37" x 90".
1 × PCB CNC Mill Small DIY PCB milling machine based on LinuxCNC donated by a local university.
1 × CAD/CAM Design Station Windows 10 Enterprise with Adobe CC Ultimate, Autodesk Product Design Suite, numerous other design software
1 × Electronics Lab w/ Design Station 1 GHz Agilent mainframe with 2 channel oscilloscope, 96 channel timing analyzer, and 64 channel logic analyzer. Agilent 80W triple output power supply. 1GHz RF Signal generator. Tenma Dual Simultaneous Measurement Multimeter with logging. 100 MHz Analog Oscilloscope. Reflow, rework, desolder station. Windows 10 Enterprise Design PC with Autodesk Product Design Suite including AutoCAD Electrical. LabVIEW educational edition with GPIB, SCPY, or Ethernet connection to most of the instruments.
9 × Steam Engine 3D Printer The Steam Engine is a basic 3D printer that can print in ABS and ASA.