Bitraf is a community for enthusiasts of the electronic arts; programming, graphics, music, sound and electronics. We have strong ties to the demoscene and the free software movement. Our space is downtown Oslo, in Youngs Gate 6, just next to the Youngstorget square. It's just a 5 minute walk from Oslo Central Station, so please drop by if in the capital of Norway!

Every Monday eve is dedicated to Open Source (Friprog, Mozilla, Ubuntu), Tuesdays to gamedev (designers, animators, coders meet up) and Thursday evenings are build night (Arduino, robots, 3D printing). Other more irregular events include Game Jams (Ludum Dare, RandJam, ClickJam), 3D printer weekends, social events

Bitraf members also organize events such as workshops on iOS, Unity, Python, Arduino, soldering, pcb etching, pcb layout (Fritzing, Eagle), CNC control, Linux & 3D modelling with Rhinoceros or Freecad. Our facilities consist of a lab area that can fit up to 25 ppl for workshops, a machine shop, a dedicated CNC-room, a social hangout space upstairs as well as a coworking space. All events are announced via the Bitraf Meetup page.