MILL - Makers In Little Lisbon is a collaborative project in Colina de Santana, Lisbon, dedicated to the maker community. We are interested in areas such as visual arts, digital manufacturing, 3D printing, educational robotics, creative electronics, physical computing, among others. Write to us, visit us, follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with our activities.

Discover talent to accomplish your projects, as well as projects to apply your talent. Do you have creative ideas and difficulty in achieving them? Do you need to find people with specific skills that complement your skills? Or, on the contrary, do you have skills in some areas and want to help bring other people's ideas to life? This is the right place for you. Here we seek synergies between the capabilities and skills of different makers. Talk to us and discover the different ways to be part of this.

MILL is the right place to find whatever you are looking for, even if you don't know exactly what it is. Here you can find like-minded people, partners for your projects, teams collaborating on joint ideas, and an endless set of resources. Everything at your fingertips. Ideas need a dynamic space and resources to let the imagination run wild. Here you find all of that concentrated in the same space. At MILL you find, above all, a meeting place!

At MILL you can almost make all your ideas a reality. You will find an incredible variety of resources, equipment, and materials in our space to bring your projects and ideas to life. Following the principles of the maker culture, the important thing is... to make. Roll up your sleeves and create things. You can draw, print, mill, cut, glue, sew, and paint. There are no limits to creativity and imagination. And this is the ideal space to find people like you: makers who like to make and build things. Come talk to us and make us a visit!

On our schedule you will find an updated list of courses and workshops that will take place in our space. However, one of our main assets is the extensive set of courses that have taken place at MILL over time. Courses like Build Your Own 3D Printer, Learn to Solder (and Make Your Own Arduino), Digifab with Rhino, Arduino After Work (Tiago Rorke), Sonic Interactions in Openframeworks (André Sier) were some of the most interesting moments in MILL's history.

Here you can either sign up for these workshops to learn more about a particular topic, or propose your own workshops. Our space is available to host external training sessions. We not only support, but also encourage the realization of activities at MILL! And to that we add the availability of resources that can facilitate the development and realization of activities in areas such as physical computing, robotics, digital manufacturing, among others.

Good ideas don't have to stay in the drawer. Our space is an opportunity to show what you're worth. It is possible to receive exhibitions, performances, lectures and talks. Basically, you will find at MILL a hub to go further. If you think what you're doing can help and inspire others, talk to us. We are always receptive to hearing that you have things to show.

MILL is a collaborative maker community in Lisbon that offers a variety of resources, equipment, and materials for creative projects, as well as courses and workshops to learn new skills. The space also hosts exhibitions, performances, lectures, and talks. Contact us to join or propose your own activity.