So this is a place that just needs to be known to any hacker/maker close to Granite Falls, North Carolina! It is has been around almost 5 years and is still growing! The more people that can join, the better. Over the years, we've collected all sorts of the 'luxury' hackerspace amenities like laser cutters, 3D printers, full 16-seat classroom all with some pretty slick soldering stations and touchscreen laptops, a library with books from aerospace engineering to A+ certification guides, metal/wood lathes, a CNC mill, CNC routers, woodshop with everything you'd need, and so much more. One of the shop projects is building up a science area. It's actually already quite capable of supporting some serious experiments and projects. Myself an a few others are working on building up a semiconductor fabrication station, electron microscopy and mass spectroscopy station. So far we've come quite a way with a number of the various types of furnaces (no tube furnace just yet), a recirculating, 'clean room' fume hood, another sick, stainless-steel professional fume hood under installation), an old ISI-100A electron microscope that we're restoring. You can read about that project here. Our goal is to bring the capability of some serious science to the public. My personal goal is to create an environment almost like an advanced museum where anyone can come in and be able to use equipment never before available.

All with 24-hr. access for members (but the public is always welcome whenever a member is around) in a converted textile mill. It's really a great place with tons of character and welcoming people with tons of experience. Really, I hope anyone who reads this and is in the area comes on by. We have meetings every Tuesday at 6 PM and Saturday at 2 PM.