Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tas

An amateur radio club that has quite a few members intent on building radio and non-radio related projects.

Hobart, Tasmania
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The club rooms are at the top of the Domain on Upper Domain Rd, Hobart.

We have monthly presentations, weekly Wednesday evening meetups usually for Satellite radio experimenters, and two Saturday Shack Sessions each month. One of the shack sessions will have the Software Defined Radio group meeting to figure something out or present or demo a new thing.

The state has a weekly broadcast radio program on Sunday mornings on various frequencies. We also have a chat channel on Matrix at

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  • 1 × Yaesu FT-991 50W HF/VHF/UHF Radio
  • 1 × RTL-SDR connected to club kiosk PC running Ubuntu

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Scott Bragg wrote 04/07/2017 at 10:37 point

Saturday Shack session on the 17th June SDRSIG will meet up and have a demo on some GNURadio work by VK7LXX to get gr-inspector to work. This module helps you do automatic detection and classification of signals.

Bring your laptop and RTLSDR or other SDR device to to follow along. The best way to get gr-inspector to work is to use the PyBombs installer for Linux so we will also look at how that works to compile these out of tree modules. 12pm-3pm with probable kick off the demo at 1pm.

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Scott Bragg wrote 04/06/2017 at 22:14 point

Saturday Shack Session on 8th April has a theme - Get Ready for FSQ. If you've wanted to try digital modes then come and join our friendly FSQ Friday net. If you need help setting up your equipment bring it along to this Shack Session and we'll help get you started. 12pm-3pm at the club.

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