Montana Ethical Hackers

A tongue-in-cheek hackerspace with a friendly attitude. Check out for more info!

Helena, MT
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M.E.H. is the oldest and largest hackerspace in Montana. We have all sorts of projects from DIY CNC Laser to a 107.9 FM radio station. It has been deeply inspired by C-Base.

  • 45 × Our minds Yeah... sounds arrogant.. It is. ;)
  • 1 × 3D printer Mendel Max
  • 2 × Power Drills Not Cordless :D
  • 1 × Table Saw
  • 1 × Chop Saw

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  • Holy Projects, Batman!

    Saint Meh09/01/2015 at 21:10 0 comments

    We'll I thought it would be exciting to organize our projects into this awesome site. The only problem: There's a LOT of back-logged projects to fill into this place.

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