The robotics club is open to EPFL members and also for people from outside. This club committee is composed of EPFL students (doctorants/post-docs as well) depending on the year, the committee changes every year. The primary goal of Robopoly is to introduce robotics to new students and for that an in-house, Arduino-based, mobile robotics platform called kit PRisme has been developed.

A couple "build-day" events are held during the academic year and in the second semester a challenge is held where autonomous robots, built over the 2 semesters by the students, compete to win an awesome prize.

The robotics club also holds various other events during the academic year where robots are, naturally, present and serve you.

You can get a general idea of Robopoly has to offer from here. The EPFL being in a university students have access to all sorts of more advanced tools such as PCB etching, reflow soldering, lathes, mills...