Quantity   Tool name
2 × FlashForge Creator Pro Prints like a dream. Dozens of filaments to choose from.
1 × Gipsy Danger The custom-made 3D printer with a 1 cubic foot print volume.
1 × SawStop Table Saw Ripping, crosscutting, shaving, you name it.
1 × Bandsaw For finer cuts in wood.
2 × Drill Press Makes holes and big holes. One for wood and one for metal.
1 × Bench Grinder Taking down burrs and edges in metal.
1 × Bench Wire Wheel For stripping off rust, paint, and surface stuff.
2 × Belt Sander Smooth things out. One for wood and one for metal.
1 × Full Spectrum K40 40W laser cutter with RAMPS v1.4 controller.
1 × Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope with 2 channels. 50Mhz.
1 × Hakko FX 888D Soldering station.
1 × Hewlett-Packard 6282A Bench power supply. 0-10V 0-10A.
1 × Bridgeport Vertical Knee Mill Milling machine capable of a great many things.
2 × MIG Welder For fusing metal together without much fuss.
1 × TIG Welder More advanced welders should use this.
1 × Southbend Lathe Spins various sizes of metal and allows you to cut them.