Member Interview #2

A hackerspace log for MakeIt Labs

New Hampshire's first and largest hackerspace, est. 2010. A place where you can come to dream, learn, and create with like-minded people!

Steve RichardsonSteve Richardson 03/25/2015 at 18:470 Comments

Many of the projects that are done by our members do not fall in the traditional areas of electronics or computers that many maker spaces focus on. While we do have plenty of electronics and software hackers in our ranks, we pride ourselves on our breadth of skills and equipment. Our welders, CNC plasma cutter, machine shop, wood shop, and automotive areas encourage members to roll up their sleeves (or put on a welding jacket and mask), and get their hands dirty.

In this video we introduce Libby, a member who built a backwoods cabin with her husband, by pre-fabricating the parts in the MakeIt Labs wood shop. She also talks about the community and lasting friendships that form at MakeIt Labs through collaborating and acting as both teachers and students to each other.