Conveniently located in the middle of Trondheim under the same roof as Work-Work, a bar and co-working space

Trondheim, Norway
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Located in the same house as Work-Work, a blooming co-working space and game-themed bar with a broad selection of boardgames, shuffleboard, pinball, arcade machines and retro-gaming.

Our space consists of two rooms, one workshop for your general hanging around and tinkering and one for woodworking and laser cutting, we also have access to great meeting room facilities and bar at Work-Work.

We're known for making noisy musical contraptions that contaminate the whole annual MakerFaire in Trondheim with sour notes and shitty melodies.

We used to be the northernmost hackerspace here until some fins came around

Open days: every wednesday and sunday from ~6pm, if you're around? drop by!

  • 2 × 3D Printers - Frankenbots, used to be makerbots, got frankensteined back to life. Used to be makerbot mk1's before they died and got stuffed with new sexy hardware
  • 1 × Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum Muse 45W
  • 1 × Soldering station 1 - Ersa RDS80
  • 1 × Soldering station 2 - Metcal PS-900
  • 1 × Soldering station 3 - no-name station from the hardware store

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  • Moving in at Work-Work

    Nikolai Ovesen01/15/2016 at 20:46 0 comments

    So after a longer period of being homeless we're moving in at Work-Work tomorrow, almost immediately after we got notified about that our previous landlord needed to re-purpose our location to store solvents we got a tip from Borgar Ljosland that worked at FXI-Technologies that he was involved in a project with the local game makers guild where they working on a concept for building right in the city center, this place simply sounded too awesome to pass on, a geeky bar, co-working space and lots of equal minded people in one building, so about this time two years ago we met up with Marius Thorvaldsen the "primus motor" of the project and well known for his work with the rather successful bar/nightclub brukbar and also a highly involved member of the game makers guild and university lecturer over a cup of coffee and we were sold. we were in!

    Since then we've been partners in the project, in November the bar and arcade opened followed by the co-working space and now we're getting on it as well!

    So we're all pretty exited about moving in tomorrow! we're downgrading in size from a ridiculous 450m^2 to a reasonable 70m^2 with great facilities in-house!

    Of course as we still seem to be the northern-most hackerspace here we're also a bit nervous as they have forecasted 50cm of snow by tomorrow and we need to transport all our stuff a 20 minute drive from our storage location and down to our new home and we have to do more than one trip for sure, lets hope we're "lucky" and that the temperature stays at -10c as it most likely won't snow then.

    Image caption: the shipping container with all our stuff in it

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heliograph wrote 08/07/2021 at 08:10 point

Your working environment is looking very interesting I have attended a few workshops in it in your absence. I also visit  source to get my all assignments written. I could not learn that much therefore I am thinking to join your workshop again to polish my skills.

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