What is HackerSchool?

HackerSchool is an academic association that develops several activities in a multidisciplinary, learn-by-doing and peer learning environment, inspired by the values of the hacker culture. It was created in 2012.

Regardless of your study field, you can learn to create new products and services on emerging technologies such as the internet of things and web semantics, using low-cost solutions based on open electronics, open materials, open fabrication, among others.


Our main objective is to create a collaborative space that encourages students passionate about technology to give life to their own projects. And thereby help them find their vocation and reach their full potential as individuals and as entrepreneurs, through a hands-on interaction with technology, engineering and science.

The purpose of this is creating a generation of students with new ideas and a new way of seeing the world, who can conceive innovative products and solutions that may be manufactured in Portugal.