Quantity   Tool name
1 × 3D printer: Lulzbot TAZ donated by lulzbot as part of their PRINTER GIVEAWAY 2014
1 × 3D printer: Lulzbot TAZ 6 donated by Lulzbot because we're awesome
1 × Wood and Metal Workshop A workshop kitted out for making things out of wood and metal. (Including Pillar drills, band saws, table saws, and lathes)
2 × Lulzbot Mini donated by Lulzbot, again.
1 × 3D printer: Deltabot Built in-house
1 × Epilog Legend 36EXT 60W A1-Format air-cooled CO2 laser cutter, optimised for engraving. Rotary attachment available.
1 × 1.5 x 1.5m Flatbed CNC wood cutter / router [ Currently being commisioned ]
1 × Desktop 3-Axis CNC milling machine [ Currently being commisioned ]
1 × Electronics Lab Soldering irons, scopes, power supplies ect
1 × Kitchen Yes we have a kitchen complete with an oven for baking