Hack42 Hackerspace KKN6 home base

Hack42 is one of the larger hackerspaces in Europe. Currently located on a former military base just outside of Arnhem, we have lots of space to mess about with all sorts of crazy things and loony projects.

Besides the vast combined knowledge and experience of our members, we have a large and diverse collection of (power)tools, equipment, supplies, generic (and not-so-generic) hardware, junk and space-debris to hack with/on. Want to learn how to pick locks? No problem! Need advice on your Arduino/Raspi/Mars Rover/Home Automation/Killbot electronics? You've come to the right place. Want to learn how to cook foodstuffs? Great, join us in the kitchen! Do you want to design and print your own clothing? Cool, let's go! Play around with powerful lasers? High Voltage equipment? Flammable materials? Cool, but remember: safety first. Do you want to learn how to break into computers? GO AWAY.

Visit us if you're in the neighbourhood, you won't regret it! Regular opening hours can be found here (protip: tuesday and friday evenings), email us or visit the IRC channel to arrange a visit. The bar is well-stocked with all sorts of funky drinks, the Lounge is usually quite cosy and you'll find lots of hackers/slackers to talk to.

Hackaday visited us in 2013, during their Hackerspacing in European Tour. Lots has changed since then.