A call for Help !

A hackerspace log for Maker's Asylum

Maker’s Asylum makerspace is located in MOIRA, GOA, INDIA

anool-mahidhariaAnool Mahidharia 07/31/2015 at 06:060 Comments

tl:dr : We have to vacate existing location by end of August and need to move to a new place.

We're running a campaign and need your help !

Maker's Asylum is Mumbai's first and only open community Maker Space. We started off from a tiny, tiny space way back in November 2013, long before Maker Spaces and Hacker Spaces were heard about in India. A couple of months later, we out grew and moved to a slightly larger Garage. And some more months later, we out grew that too, and moved to a more larger location. Up until now, all of these places have been offered to us "gratis". Our tenure at the current location expires by the end of August, and if we don't come up with funding to help us pay for our next location, we just might have to shut shop. Please help us avoid that. The founders have been supporting the space with their own funds up until now. Unfortunately, our resources are now dwindling rapidly. The only way out is to ask the community at large to help us.

We have been instrumental in bringing the hacker space movement to India, and even opened a second Maker's Asylum in New Delhi recently. Thankfully, that space in New Delhi is FREE and for keeps. Mumbai, on the other hand, is one of the most expensive cities with regard to rentals.

PLEASE help us by supporting, and sharing with your circle of friends. The Hacker community in Mumbai will thank you for your support.