The SCV Makerspace

The first Public Makerspace in Santa Clarita; Designed as a seed project to grow a community to promote STEAM through volunteers.

Santa Clarita, California
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This started as my Boy Scout Eagle Project - A project designed for the community based off of your passion or skill. My passion doesn't exist here in Santa Clarita, so I built the first Makerspace in Santa Clarita. It's definitely a really humble Makerspace, but based on donations only and free to use, I have set the base for what I'd like the Makerspace to grow into. Right now, our focus is to bring in as many people as I can, to build a community for the city to recognize. I want to start with some easy concepts for the community to grow into, like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and 3d printing projects, and expose them to coding like Scratch then to harder concepts. Right now it consists of The Library and I, so if you're interested, I could definitely use the help. Aim for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). -Forrest Lucas

  • 2 × Prusa i3 Original 3d Printer Rep-Rap kit
  • 2 × Snap Circuit Kits Donated by Advanced Bionics
  • 1 × Sphero Donated by Sphero
  • 1 × Build Toolbox Inquire for more details
  • 4 × Makerspace Access Computers All in One Desktops

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  • Makerspace Open House

    forrest.thelucas02/08/2016 at 21:15 0 comments

    It's time to open the space! Visit The Makerspace at the Newhall Library in Santa Clarita, CA. Wednesday February 10th, 2016: 6:00pm to 8:00pm. I'm going to have all the tools out, and some example projects to get the community kickstarted into motion. Come for refreshments, games, and to join. RSVP here.

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