Hans-Günther Nusseck

Just a guy who can't stop playing with electronics.

South Germany
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This user joined on 11/30/2020.

Things I've Built

Bluetooth programmable mecanum wheel robot

Use Bluetooth serial to program omnidirectional movement sequences. Make a game out of it and try to guide the robot around obstacles.

M5StickC Textbuffer Scrolling Display

A library to display texts on the M5StickC in any orientation. The display scrolls and wraps text lines automatically.

WiFi Netspeed Monitor

ESP tool to measure the performance of an WiFi network. The data is transferred to the Circus-Of-Things platform for viewing and monitoring.

ESP WiFi Timeserver Synchronized Wrist Watch

A simple ESP8266 wrist watch with WiFi connection for multiple locations, NTP time server synchronization and comparing functions.

Hotel Room Finder: WiFi Based Location System to Find Home

An indoor positioning system based on WiFi RSSI data to return to the right room of a hotel corridor. Maybe useless, but it works just fine!

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