Jacob Stålhammar

Fail. Fail again. Fail better.

Gothenburg, Sweden
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This user joined on 04/10/2022.

Things I've Built

Frippertronics tape delay (just added extra head on a plate)

Added a plate for an extra head to a broken AKAI reel-to-reel...


Just a proof of concept, could the cheap XR2206CP control another XR2206CP (yes, it could and was just as unpredictable as a real VCS3... ;) sounds: Breadboard as a matrix connect https://www.instagram.

LFO / CV controlled solenoid driver

Just a simple CV controlled solenoid driver, for music. driving a phone-buzzer-motor onto bass strings: percussion:

REVOX A77 varispeed

Just copied the varispeed for the REVOX A77 and put it in little box.

1/4" loop player / tape delay (only added varispeed)

Built a loop player / tape delay from a Tandberg Model 11 (mainly just repaired it and added a varispeed)

Mini mixer

Build a mini stereo mixer with one mono input with mike amp. Needed something with a small footprint for loops. Used here:

DIY tape echo / tape delay / from a cassette deck.

Build a tape echo, from an old TEAC 2 head cassette deck. Replaced the stereo head with two mono heads. Details here and in picture:

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