Jeff Artz

Electronics and computer hobbyist.

Central Massachusetts
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Things I've Built

Computer-Controlled Christmas Lights - 2011/2012

After hibernating several years, I resurrected my light projects again with 12 strands of LED lights in a clock formation. ~50 patterns, and only about 30w total.

Computer-Controlled Christmas Lights - 1990/91/92

Built a new controller for mini-lights, using Triacs. Wrote a new program on an Apple IIc and controlled the lights with that. 10 strands this time in a circle formation. ~50 patterns

Computer-controlled Christmas lights - 1988/89

My first comp-controlled Christmas lights were in 1988. 6 strands of 25x C9 7W bulbs (1050W Total!) in a half-circle formation (top half). Comp was a SpectraVideo 328, Prog in BASIC. 10A Surplus SSRs for lights ~30 patterns, random speeds

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